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Allah las-I Had It All-Official Video

Los Angeles garage-rock gurus Allah-Las tap into an alternate reality where the world is but a California dream. Their crunchy, loose-groovin' tunes evoke desert trips, motorcycle rides, surf safaris, and casual come-ons dished out by coiffed strangers. They shambled through sun-baked songs about movement and magic on their Nick Waterhouse-producedself-titled debut, released by Innovative Leisure last year, and they keep up the mysterious momentum on brand new song "Had It All."
The label is sharing the new track along with another, "Every Girl," via a limited edition 7-inch single meant to tide us over as the quartet prepare to head back into the studio for album number two. Above, you'll find Allah-Las in top form, Miles Michaud urging us to let our minds "be relaxed and free" while the gang jangles along. The accompanying video finds the boys adventuring in various environs, from cemeteries to snowfields.

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Death And Vanilla - "Vampyr" OST

Morgan Delt-Psychedelic Sounds from Topanga Hills-An Interview

Alright for those of you who have never heard the name of Morgan Delt ,let me give you some info.
He Created one of the most underground and mysterious psychedelic records of 2012,with likes to Velvet Underground,Ennio Morricone and the whole spectrum of how Psychedelia sounds with a modern touch.

In July i found Morgan and we discussed for many and interesting things about his music and life in general.
Here is my interview with him:

1.Alright Morgan if someone wants to listen to your music he can, but he can't find no more info about you,why is that?

I Don't know, I guess I haven't done any interviews or anything yet. So hopefully this will change that!

2.Who's Morgan Delt what is his daily job?

I'm a graphic designer.

3.What do you think about this Psychedelic Movement that has started to spread from California?
Many many bands play psychedelic and garage music do you see gigs often in the city?

Yeah, I think it's great! it seems like I'm discovering some new great band every week. I don't go to a ton of shows, but I do sometimes.

4.You as Morgan Delt, did you had any previous side project or a band before?

I've recorded a lot of stuff at home before but none of it was really any good. I tried a lot of different things. And I've played in a couple of casual bands with friends over the years but nothing serious.

5.It never went any further with the bands you were in?

Nah, just you know jam with some friends. Maybe play a party or two and then get into an argument about something dumb and break up.
I'm not so great about working with other people.I'm kind of a control freak.

I like working alone. I pretty much just stay in my studio all the time and don't go out much. I'm kind of a hermit that way.

6.Me as a listener i have listened to many many psychedelic music,experimental stuff,obscure,cult psych,folk,but when i heard the album you made,i said,what the fuck is this,how did he do that?
He mixed Morricone with Velvet Underground and Shoegaze music and Broadcast and Cult Psychedelic Music.

Everything is in there,and it's like listening to someone's brain this album can't have been made from a band.

Thanks, that's a nice description! I don't think all of those things were intentional but I've definitely listened to and absorbed all of that stuff you mention. It's interesting to hear the references that people come up with because they almost always right but a lot of the time it's stuff that I didn't even realize I was influenced by or I didn't realize you could hear it in my music. So it's fun to know what other people hear in it.

7.From the things you told me,you started to make the album,after you were done with bands cause you wanted to put out the sounds you had in your brain,is that right?

Well not quite. I kind of gave up on playing with other people a long time ago, but I've always done home recording on my own since I was a kid.But I made lots of different stuff. Mostly instrumental music, electronic music, noise, but I always missed singing and for some reason I never really got serious about writing songs until a couple of years ago.So I guess I'm all over the place and into a lot of different things but it took a while for me to figure out what I wanted to do and for it all to come together into something that made sense.

9.Do you believe in god?


10.About the album now how many years did it take to make,or months i don't know.

I don't know if I should say! I'm pretty slow. I'm trying to figure out how to work faster.
But those 6 songs took about a year to record.

11.Everything was recorded to your house?
Tell me about the equipment you used.

I record everything with an old EV dynamic mic. The gear I used the most was probably a Fender Mustang, Vox AC-15, Hiwatt tape delay, an old tape machine, and Ableton Live.

12.Is the album a sort of chapters songs,about a tale that starts from start and finishes somewhere?

Maybe all part of the same world though in kind of an abstract way.

13.I am pretty sure that you are influenced from 60's obscure films,60's psychedelic music,when you were writing the album what were you listening to?

Yeah, I'm definitely inspired a lot by movies. David Cronenberg, old AIP movies, Kenneth Anger, Ken Russell, and stuff like that.
What I'm listening to at any time doesn't really reflect in my music though. A lot of the influences that people say they hear is stuff that I listened to years ago. I'm not sure what I was listening to while working on it.

14.Do You Dig Cults?

I can't say that I dig them because in reality cults do horrible things to people, but they are morbidly fascinating aren't they? Cults are like an extreme version a dynamic that happens all over the place in life though from bands to politics, families, workplaces, mainstream churches, or any place where people abuse power.But the aesthetics of something like the Process Church or the Source Family are kind of interesting too.

15.When i listened to Barbarian Kings i couldn't think of anything else than cult movies,Lucifer Rising,naked girls dancing with blood in their hands and all that.It's like you're witnessing a murder on your drunken haze,but in your dreams,what does the song talks about?

I did have a story in mind with that song. I don't want to say too much about it though because what people imagine is usually more interesting. Your version is better!

17.But you can witness and some madness inside it,it's like fiction,in music you can use yourself as a fiction character who describes and tastes things that only his mind can think,did you do that a little?

I guess so. Barbarian Kings is definitely a story song. Tropicana is based on the book Quake by Rudy Wurlitzer. But all of the others are based on pretty specific personal situations.

18.What books influenced your music?

I like writers like Philip K Dick, Terry Southern, Jim Thompson, Rene Daumal.

I like trashy stuff like weird sci-fi, hardboiled crime novels, and hippy dippy stuff too.

19.Do you live to a hill or somehwere?

Yeah, I live in Topanga which is outside of LA in the mountains.

Mountains are pretty inspiring. It's weird. I go walk around them every day and they definitely have some kind of strange power over people. There's some kind of symbolic thing about climbing a mountain that's hard wired into our DNA I guess.

20.What are your main influences?

Lots of different stuff. Curt Boettcher, Burt Bacharach, the Wrecking Crew, Faust, Sun Ra, Brigitte Fontaine, The Move, The Ventures, I don't know, I could go on and on.
Funkadelic, Todd Rundgren, Franco Battiato, Jean Claude Vannier

Boredoms, Stereolab.

21.What Psychedelia means to you,in your own terms.

Well, I like to think that some music can transport the listener to another place, another time, or another state of mind. Some of that is called psychedelic music, some of it isn't, but there really isn't a better term for it I guess.

22.Except from music,, in your life, as a character,are you a dreamer?

Yeah, I probably only have one foot in reality most of the time.I like fantasy and dreams and escapism.  A lot of people talk about escapism as if it's a bad thing but in some ways I think it's one of the greatest things that art can accomplish.To make you forget yourself for a minute.

23.Are you recording a new album?

I just finished a new song for the B side of a 7" which just came out from Trouble In Mind records.  Then I'm working on a bunch of new songs to expand the E.P. out into a full length which will come out later.

24.What do you have to say to someone that wants to listen to your music?

Thanks for listening!
I just think it's cool that anyone wants to listen to it or is interested at all.

25.Do you listen to new Bands?Name a Few.

I Love Tim Cohen's Magic Trick, White Fence, Maston, Amen Dunes, Sam Flax, Thee Oh Sees, Sun Araw, Jacco Gardner, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Zomes, Quichenight
Lots of great music being made right now.

''Barbarian Kings/Black Tuna Gang'' is out now from Trouble In Mind Records.

Night Beats-Sonic Bloom

The New Album From Night Beats is Out Today!
Stream It Here:

Buy It Here:
Sonic Bloom

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Jacco Gardner - The End Of August

Jacco Gardner - The End Of August

Jacco Gardner is Back with his Brand New Single ''The End Of August''.
Very poppy i can say and nostalgic too at the same time.
I love the keys in that song.
It will remind you an Endless Summer.
Such a Beautiful Song It Is.
You stream it Below:

Τα 25 most wanted 7'',12'' CD και κασέτες στην μουσικη συμφωνa με το Discogs.

Σημερα καθώς χάζευα στο ίντερνετ έπεσε στο μάτι μου ένα thread στο rededit για την κατοχη της πρώτης κασέτας των Godspeed you Black Emperor που σύμφωνα με τα λεγόμενα κυκλοφόρησε μονο σε 33 αντίτυπα,ήδη κάποιοι μιλάνε για το μεγαλύτερο troll στην ιστορία του ίντερνετ.
'Ελα όμως που ο τύπος έχει και φωτογραφίες για να αποδείξει σε όλους το αντίθετο.
Η ιστορία ηδη στους φαν της μπάντας τους έχει κάνει ζημιά με αποτέλεσμα κάποιοι να έχουν χάσει και τον ύπνο τους.
Άσε που αν ο τυπος το ανεβάσει και το ριπάρει, στο διάσημο what cd θα γίνει Instant Legend.
Εδώ όλο το story για να το απολαύστε και εσείς με την ψυχή σας:Godspeed you black emperor first demo tape thread
Όπως και να χει με αφορμη αυτο μπηκα στο discogs και βρηκα τα 25 πιο wanted 7''.12'' και κασετες σε ολο το ιντερνετ.
Πρωτο φυσικα ηταν των Godspeed.
Θα παραχωρησω ολη την λιστα για να μου πειτε και εσεις την γνώμη σας.
1.GYBE:All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling
God Speed You Black Emperor!* - All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling
2.Concept Of AL.P.S., The‎– Unknown
Concept Of AL.P.S., The* - Unknown

3.Various - DE9 | Transitions Vinyl Sampler
4.LTJ Bukem / Calibre - Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One Call
LTJ Bukem / Calibre - Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One Call

5.Prodigy* - Minefields
Prodigy* - Minefields

6.Flowers - For Real
Flowers - For Real

7.Blush (2) ‎– Gypsy Guitar
Blush (2) - Gypsy Guitar

8.Photek ‎– One Nation / Say It
Photek - One Nation / Say It

9.Origin Unknown ‎– Eastern Promise EP
Origin Unknown - Eastern Promise EP

10.Winstons, The ‎– Color Him Father / Amen, Brother
Winstons, The - Color Him Father / Amen, Brother

11.1st Down - No Place To Go EP
1st Down - No Place To Go EP

12.A. Mislayene‎– Yémma / El Fen
A. Mislayene* - Yémma / El Fen

13.Mid Air - Ease Out
Mid Air - Ease Out

14.Various ‎– Two On One Pizza Hut Edition
Various - Two On One Pizza Hut Edition

15.Quality Dope Tracks‎– Ruff N' Tuff EP
Quality Dope Tracks* - Ruff N' Tuff EP

16.Concept Of AL.P.S., The‎– Unknown
Concept Of AL.P.S., The* - Unknown

17.Phuture ‎– Acid Tracks
Phuture - Acid Tracks

18.Mr Mic Rippa ‎– 96 Cream Hunt
Mr Mic Rippa - 96 Cream Hunt

19.Akinyele ‎– Break A Bitch Neck
Akinyele - Break A Bitch Neck

20.Annexx Click, The ‎– Bring It On / The Annexx Click
Annexx Click, The - Bring It On / The Annexx Click

21.Narc ‎– Small Hours EP
Narc - Small Hours EP

22.Discognosis ‎– Discognosis
Discognosis - Discognosis

23.Gizz TV Meetz DX-13 ‎– Atomic Plastic
Gizz TV Meetz DX-13 - Atomic Plastic

24.Mid Air - Ease Out

25.Keefy Keef ‎– Cause I'm Keefy Keef
Keefy Keef - Cause I'm Keefy Keef

Αυτά είναι λοιπόν.
Εδω και η επίσημη λίστα:Top-25-Discogs-Most-Wanted-Rarities
Αυτό το post πήρε μόνο ένα τσιγάρο,απο το κανονικό ρε μαλάκες.
Είμαι κοντά να το κόψω λοιπόν??
Τα λεμε.

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Neils Children-Never Could Be Any Other Way

'Never Could Be Any Other Way' digital single + B-sides

Digital single 'Never Could Be Any Other Way'. Written by John Linger.
Released on Boudoir Moderne. Recorded at Studio la Vache, Toulouse. Produced by Neils Children, Jean-Michel Cros and Ayumu Matsuo. Mixed by James Aparicio.

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Luboš Fišer - Morgiana

Luboš Fišer - Morgiana (Opening Titles)
Regarded as the final ever film of the Czech New Wave, Juraj Herz's Morgiana (alongside Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders) was made after the Prague Spring during Czech cinema’s most scrutinised censorship era, deep in the throws of communism. Spearheading a micro-cosmic sub-genre of horror fantasy or scary/fairytales alongside Karel Kachyňa's Malá Mořská Víla (The Little Mermaid), these directors built a handful of subversive, flamboyant and experimental new films based around classical communist approved surrealist literature; sidestepping creative compromise and uniting some of the leading lights of the FAMU founded film movement for the last time. Both musical scores courtesy of Luboš Fišer unite Valerie and Morgiana; sharing doppelgänger production and compositional ideas presented by Finders Keepers Records for the first time ever outside of the original context of the film.

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Night Beats-Sonic Bloom

Night Beats are returning this month with their second album titled Sonic Bloom.
It's gonna blow your mind and ears so buy this shit out when it's out.
Here 2 songs from the LP:

Dumbo Gets Mad Live In Athens

The Psychedelic Popsters Dumbo Gets Mad from Italy live in athens on Friday 4/10.
It's incredible that october it's the most psychedelic month for many many years in greece.
More Here: Facebook Event

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Tara King Th.-Hirondelle and Beretta

Ok we're back from the summer.
I Hope you all had fun and everything,also heard some good psychedelic music.
For those of you who don't know Tara King Th. let me tell you that their sound is very similar to our most beloved Broadcast,but that's it they have their own unique psychedelic sound mixed with all those elements from italian composers and soundtracks of the 70's.
Mostly Giallo Stuff.
They are from France and they play some amazing Psychedelic Pop.
I'm gonna write more in the future for them but in the meantime hear their brand new song Hirondelle and Beretta which is just stunning.