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The Liminanas-La Fille de la Ligne

The Band who probably are the biggest fans of Serge Gainsbourg.
The Liminanas are back and here is their new single.

Πέμπτη, 10 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Psychedelic Sounds for the Soul

Από τους καλύτερους δίσκους ψυχεδέλειας που έγιναν ποτέ.
Αν αυτο το blog έχει λόγο ύπαρξης τον οφείλει σε δίσκους σαν και αυτόν.
Αντε γαμήσου χειμώνα,αντε γαμήσου κρίση,αντε γαμησου ανεργία,αντε γαμησου μιζερια.
Παρε τον ηλιο να σε καψει τωρα στην μαπα.
Γαμημενο 1967 συγνωμη που δεν ημουν εκει.

Δευτέρα, 7 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Night Beats - Messiah (Live In The Studio)

Psychic Death Hole

Psychic Death Hole cover art
A Hell of a Trip.
Recommended for strange situations and cloudy afternoons.

Ian Skelly-7 to Midnight(An Interview)

Well i was always a big fan of The Coral,everybody knows that.
Last september when i heard that Ian Skelly was cooking an album i got full of doubts wondering what helds the future for The Coral.
Don't get me wrong,when you love a band it's more than love what you feel,you care and you sit down and listen to the songs.
That's how the first solo from Ian Skelly sounds,songs full of hope and psychedelic exits,it embraces you and it calms you down.
The Coral are still together,they're just releasing their demons here,each one of his own.
Here's the interview i had with Ian Skelly few days back.

1.First of All welcome Ian to our lovely blog.how's liverpool mate,how are you?

I'm fine thank you. Liverpool is great lots of good music coming out the city at the moment.

2.Please tell me the process and some moments from the studio now that your brother and the rest of the coral of course, was just around helping you making this album.

Usually I would start recording at the end of  a Coral rehearsal so from about 7 to midnight. I would lay down tracks on my acoustic guitar with a live vocal, then I would add drums and keyboards.  Any members of the Coral that were kind enough to stay behind would play on it too.

3.Cut from a star sounds like Mamas and the Papas got trapped in the world of Lee Hazlewood.I mean it has something very cool and dreamy in it.
Please tell us about the story of the song.

'Cut from a Star' the title  track was an old Coral tune but we never got the right angle on it. It was written by me and  James  for an album called The Curse Of Love. That album was shelved when Bill rejoined the band and we started work on a new album Roots and Echoes. I thought the track was great and reworked it and re-recorded. I started with me on keyboards and vocals and built the track up from there adding drums next and acoustic guitar. Our Jay (James Skelly) plays bass and Liam Power from By The Sea plays guitar at the end. Fiona and Niamh from The Sundowners sing backing vocals on the track and throughout the album.

4. .I can Hear in the song ''Time'' a big influence from Dino Valente and other psych-folk artists
I know also that it reminds us the magnificant songwriting that your brother james has.

Is there a magic recipe to create this kind of songs?

I don't think there is a recipe for writing songs if there is the only ingredient is magic.

5.You recorded the album in The Coral Caves(private studio of the band) and you also said that you used an 8 track reel to reel recorder.

How hard it is eventually to record and mix with analog techniques rather than the modern ones?
I mean, for me personally the techniques of recording they developed in the 60's can't compare to the modern ones.

There is a mystical idea about 60's recordings but most of it was equipment limitation which drove them to be creative. Both techniques are as hard or as easy as each other depending on what you are trying to achieve. For me I prefer the limitations of an 8 track for when I record my songs  personally.
I've recorded both methods if your an artist it shouldn't matter you make use of what you've got. I'm not so much interested in sound quality, but  the attitude and the songs.

6.The particular sound and production The Coral have in their albums and now and  you,please tell us about the process and the years it took you to find how do you want to sound.

The sound is a natural process, it would be too hard for me to explain. 

7.Do you have a daily job or you live exclusively by your Music?

I'll probably have to get a job soon because I've lived by my music haha 

8.How does it feel from being a drummer,now being a singer and a performer?

Quite a lot. For a start it's only me so the only person I have to argue with is myself.  I've always recorded and written music by myself  but for this album I had to  produce, engineer, sing and arrange all the tracks. However all the members of the Coral have played and helped with this album.

9.Any artists or movies that influenced you to make this record,what were you listening  in the process of the album?

I was listening to The White Album a lot, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and Papas, and many more...

10..What are your plans now that you started and rehearsing the songs of the album for future gigs?

The plan is to get the songs sounding good live for gigs in February.

11.Alright i never enjoy to do that question in you guys but what helds the Future For The Coral?

The Coral are still together. We are just taking a break from the music not from each other. The Coral does have new material. We have  half an album which has been recorded with John Leckie. 

12.All the members have their projects except your brother and Nick Power,is your brother gonna release an album too?

James has a solo album coming out soon we just finished mixing it today. All the members of The Coral  play on it, it sounds really good.

13.What is the Greatest thing on being  in a Psychedelic Rock Band?

Playing the music you love with great players that are your mates.

14..Say something to our lovely readers of the blog.

Blog on.

That's from Ian Skelly lovely Readers,you can purchase his new album in the link below.

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Broadcast-Berberian Sound Studio O.S.T

Broadcast's James Cargill and Trish Keenan. The band was working on the Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack when Keenan died suddenly in early 2011.

Προχθές κυκλοφόρησε αποκλειστικά στο NPR για πρώτη ακρόαση το soundtrack που γράψαν οι Broadcast για την ταινία Berberian Sound Studio.
Το ακούτε παρακάτω.
Και ναι είναι αρκετα συγκλονιστικό αν σκεφτείς οτί ακούς την αδικοχαμένη Trish να σου τραγουδάει λες και γύρισε για λίγο από τον κόσμο των πνευμάτων για να μας στοιχειώσει ακόμα μια φορά.

Broadcast-Berberian Sound Studio OST