Τρίτη, 26 Οκτωβρίου 2010

The Hierophants

They are from vermuda somewhere us i think and they play the garage and melodic sound you exactly want to hear..all their songs are fucking mindblowing,check out the epic big shiny wray gun in brian wilsons hand.
I believe the songs refers to brian wilson from beach boys but that's just alright..
You can take a listen right here
As long as there are bands like them out there the sixties spirit will never,ever go away,thank god for that!

Κυριακή, 24 Οκτωβρίου 2010

My Drunken haze playing with their paper planes

My drunken haze were made at may 2010 by me and sophia..
We feel so lucky that we're still here and we're making music,some say that it's the best thing they ever heard..
Here is paper planes our first original demo...
You can download it from here
or listen to it here 
My drunken haze will perform unplugged at 12th of november at closer alternative bar..

There is still some soul out there..ladies and gents mr rodney smith from manchester

His name is rodney smith and he is from manchester..he has a beautiful voice and some of the most wonderful songs out there..for those who love the musicians who have soul he is one of them..listen to him on myspace right here

Τετάρτη, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2010

One unique psychedelic sounds for the soul show

At monday i was broadcasting as always from poplie radio my radio show.
The psychedelic sounds for the soul.
Well that was the fucking result,it's gonna blow your head off.

1.Hello Seahorse-lejos.no tan lejos
2.Fantastikoi hxoi-mh feygeis(uptight)
3.The soulful strings-comin home baby
4.The frowning clouds-do like me
5.The zombies-what more can i do(demo)
6.Jay and the americans-french provincial
7.Lil daggers-hungry
8.Comet gain-if i had a soul
9.The Postmarks-slaughter on tenth avenue
10.Voyager one-strange zero
11.The black heart procession-heaven below
12.The Black angels-bad vibrations
13.El stew-igloo condo
14.The laughing windows-salak pazar
15.Chimes and bells-kranen
16.Comet gain-look at you know(you're crying)
17.Grand funk railroad-heartbreaker
18.The coral-when all the birds have flown
19.King khan and the shrines-live fast die strong
20.The black angels-the sniper
21.Night beats-h bomb
22.the time and space machine-set phazer to the stun
23.Messieurs richard-la drogue
24.Last drive-every night
25.Thursdays children-you'll never be my girl
26.6daktylos-exoune kakous skopous
27.stavros ksarxakos-maria dimitriadou-ena proino
28.My Drunken haze-san me koitas
29.Jefferson airplane-somebody to love
30.The kingsmen-louie,louie
31.Simon dupree and the big sound-kites
32.Peter and gordon-knights inrasty armour
33.Broadcast-chord simple
34.the lovetones-earth great sleeps

enjoy this unique mixtape righhere

Corners of the soul

Still Corners...
They exist from 2008,to tell you my truth i heard about them just 2 days ago but it's never too late.
I got deeply in love with their song don't fall in love,then i heard french kiss,then i heard jane b from serge gainsbourg and serge birkin,yeah they sound like serge and birkin but that's another story,never hide your guilt for the music you love and still corners love the psychedelic and the french pop side of the sixties...
For the story there are few bands like them out there,don't fool yourselves i know many bands that they wish to be like them,well still corners have found the secret recipient,just like mono in vcf,writing songs about love and ghosts in your head they sound unique and big but remember it is really hard to produce and make music with that way,it needs a strong stomach and a broken heart,yeah sometimes things work better that way.
I love them and you should love them too,their music if i could describe it it would be a very very beautiful girl,one of the girls that when you kiss them your head make strange noises,your stomach gets anxious and you never want to get out from her hug..yeah one of those girls.
Love them and don't leave them.

Κυριακή, 17 Οκτωβρίου 2010

I am inside a yellow elevator

The Black Angels-phosphene dream

I heard the news just yesterday that black angels released a new album with the name phosphene dream,their previews records except from their first didn't excited me much but i believe that they spoke with the record company,they said to them come on watch the black keys how commercial they are,you can be the same..
Luckily they didn't became the same,they put out a record influenced by the ghost of jim morrison and the doors and that's not bad at all you know,it's so fuckin unique in our days,first of all they don't have keyboards on the band and if they do the keys are on the very back of their wall of sound..
Well i put my headphones and i pressed play(with the headphones it's the best way to hear and feel the strength of a record(any record at all),bad vibrations it's the first song,mindblowing,haunting and psychedelic..to describe the record at once,all the songs move at the same wall of sound,heavy distorted bass on some songs heavy and clear on others,haunted and reverbed guitars filled with 70's psychedelic riffs,vocals from outer space and of course a fucking great groove,i believe that it's one of the most retro and garage records of the year,for me it's one of the best i've heard so far and now with the black rebel motorcycle club and the coral i want to see and the black angels performing live...9/10 for me..i am so fucking happy when i hear records like these with a unique taste and sound,not something new at the style,but something fucking good for all the times you want to have sex,to drop a party,to hear before you go out at a bar..it's fucking good...

Κυριακή, 10 Οκτωβρίου 2010

the sand band

hello and good evening to all..today i'll introduce you once again to the sand band...this amazing band that comes from liverpool with an amazing guy and person who writes the songs...david mc donnell..i speak to him through internet and they are getting ready for their first presentation of their album all through the night at static gallery on liverpool at 16th of october..well let me tell you something,i have heard some of the songs and they are really amazing,it's one of the times that you remember all that you loved and that you love and how they matter to your life,david doesn't try to sound big but his soul is...so until the album comes out have a listen to friend of a friend mixed by analog astronaut..from now i know that david and his mates will make the world better when his songs land to world's dreams and ears..well they surely landed to mine..thanks david..for all that you are...

Τρίτη, 5 Οκτωβρίου 2010

situations,poplie season 2,radio shows,women and my drunken haze

Νομιζω πως οφειλω να σας πω μερικα πραματα για εμενα..
Αληθεια ειναι οτι στεναχωριεμαι λιγο που δεν διαβαζει παραπανω κοσμος αυτο το blog αλλα ξερω τουλαχιστον πως αυτοι που το διαβαζουνε το εκτιμανε και αγαπανε αυτο που κανω..
Εντελη οσο μεγαλωνω συνειδητοποιω πως οτι κανω απο δω και περα ειναι  συγκαταθεση ψυχης.
Μολις εχω μετακομισει σε ενα σπιτι στα εξαρχεια,πριν εμενα σε μια περιοχη ακριβως διπλα στην θαλσσα,ομως ηξερα οτι εχω την αναγκη να ερθω να κλειστω αναμεσα σε γκριζα κτιρια για να βαλω μετρα και σταθμα στον ρομαντισμο μου,κατι που ακομα δεν εχει γινει.
Εχω μια εκμπομπη στον www.poplie.eu,ενα ιντερνετικο ραδιο που το ξεκινησε ενας απιστευτος ανθρωπος ο oksikemia που ειναι συνιδιοκτητης του seagazing.blogspot.com.
Να πω την αληθεια μου δεν ειχα ποτε σκοπο να κανω εκμπομπη αλλα ειχα την αναγκη ολη αυτη την  μουσικη που ακουω να την μοιραζομαι και με αλλους και ετσι ξεκινησα να κανω εκμπομπες εκει με σκοπο την απολυτη ελευθερια εκφρασης του λογου και της μουσικης,επισης ητανε και η πρωτη φορα που ξεστομισα στον αερα την φραση Ψυχη και Αρχιδια..
Ητανε ενας ορισμος που παντοτε αγαπουσα να λεω προσδιοριζοντας καταστασεις και ανθρωπους,πιο πολυ ομως για την μουσικη,παντα λατρευα τους μουσικους που στα λαιβ τους δινανε την ψυχη τους..
Καθε δευτερα τα μεσανυχτα γινεται η εκμπομπη ακριβως στον www.poplie.eu αν πιστευετε σε εμενα και στην μουσικη που προσφερει αυτο το blog να μπαινετε να ακουτε,ξερω οτι θα σας αρεσει...
Για γυναικες δεν θα μιλησω,τα χω κανει σκατα,μη ικανος να μοιρασω την αγαπη μου και τον ερωτα μου κρεμασμενος απο λαθη του παρελθοντος και του παροντος,ευτυχως ομως για αυτο τον μαιο του 2010 συναντησα την σοφια και πραγματοποιησε τα πιο τρελα μου ονειρα,τραγουδησε για εμενα οπως ειχε κανει και ο ανσετ στον αρχιτραγουδιστη του orson scott card(ωραιο βιβλιο να το διαβασετε)..
Κεφαλαιο My Drunken haze.
5 τραγουδια σε 5 μερες,ναι καμια φορα τα πιο ωραια τραγουδια γραφονται μεσα σε 5 λεπτα,ετσι και εγινε με την σοφια.,πολλοι απο εσας εχετε ακουσει τα περισσοτερα..ετοιμαζομαστε για το πρωτο μας live σιγα σιγα,δεν γνωριζουμε κανεναν απο την κλικα της ελληνικης αγγλοφωνης σκηνης,μια σκηνη που ισως πνιγει απο τον ιδιο της τον εγωισμο στο τελος αλλα αυτο ειναι αλλη ιστορια,ομως προσπαθουμε,ηδη αρκετος κοσμος μας υποστηριζει και μας αγαπαει για αυτο και εμεις θα κανουμε αυτο το live..απο κατω σας αφηνω το καινουριο μας ημιτελες τραγουδι με τον τιτλο paper planes.
Θα τα λεμε καθε δευτερα στον poplie και σιγουρα σε καθε καινουριο post που θα σας γραφω..να στε καλα και να προσεχετε τους εαυτους σας,με παρα πολλη αγαπη..Σπυρος

my drunken haze-paper planes

Δευτέρα, 4 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Παρασκευή, 1 Οκτωβρίου 2010

a sunset a shining moon

well i am back with some good psychedelic pop for your ears...
today i have a sunset a shining moon,influenced by the good psychedelic sunshine pop of the sixties...
right here you can take a look at one of their songs with the name heavy light..
I believe that they are the kind of the band that we need these cloudy days..