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The Janitors

Psychedelic Sounds for your ears and your soul from The Janitors.
First i heard the song ''Do it again'' and it blew my fucking mind away.
True Garage Psych Rock n Roll,if you love the sounds of The Black Angels and Night Beats don't miss them,run to their soundcloud page and in their facebook and everywhere in general,they are the next big fucking thing,believe me people.
And the coolest thing is that they are from sweden and they sound like a true texas band.
Here you can listen the full EP

Τετάρτη, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Losing My Mind

Δεν ξέρω αν φταίει το οτι είμαι ευαίσθητος εκ φύσεως η προβληματικός,δεν ξέρω τι σκεφτόμουνα όταν ξεκίνησα να γράφω τα δικά μου  τραγούδια,το μόνο που ξέρω είναι οτι το χαίρομαι και οτι η μοναξιά ειναι μαλακία.Γιατί όταν βγαίνουν τραγούδια σαν το παρακάτω η καρδιά μου ραγίζει στα 2 και αυτό δεν είναι όμορφο πάντα να ξέρεις,είναι επικίνδυνο,παραλίγο να πάρω πάλι τηλέφωνο την παλιά μου αγάπη.Αλλά καμιά φορά πρεπεί απλα να το αφήνεις να περάσει.Οσο κ αν πονάει man.

Είναι πανέμορφο τραγούδι το μπουρδέλο.Με γάμησε...κανονικά. Υ.Γ:Την Κυριακή θα είμαι στο Baba Au Rum και θα παίζω μουσική. Περάστε μια βόλτα να τα πούμε. 
Υ.Γ2:Το σαββάτο έχει πάρτυ ο Poplie στο Indie the Club 
Υ.Γ3:Stay Cool.

Πέμπτη, 19 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Bill Ryder Jones-If(a review)

Well it was close to the end of 2011 and rumors were spreading that Bill Ryder Jones was ready to release his first album,then a post came up that you could hear the album through guardian.
From the very first notes i knew deep inside me that i was about to hear a masterpiece of modern music.
I was never into classical music or anything similar,but i always loved good soundtracks,with the likes of amelie,goodbye lenin,requiem for a dream,the fountain..e.t.c
It hit me right away and i mean people in the heart,in my most sensitive spot,at the end of it,tears of joy were all over my face,i couldn't believe it that i had just heard something so beautiful and so unique.
You know it's really very difficult to describe the whole album and the whole story of it,you just sit down and hear and you feel it,nothing else less or more.
It's the kind of an album that you could hear in the loneliest of your times,the one that you'll have the headphones in your ears and watch the city from the bus or the subway or when you walk in the park.
If you're heartbroken then maybe this album will seem to you that it's written for the sorrow of your love,except that it didn't,it was written for no specific reason,it is just music that can only bring memories to your head,good or bad.
For me personally it was kind of a medidation,my personal salvation you know what i mean?in the loneliest of my times it made me cry and that's just wonderful(sometimes)because it reminds you that music,true music can sometimes sound so wonderful as IF as an album and as an existence.
So this is for those who dare to love,you know things always end,good or bad,they always end,that's it,that's life and that's the rules and you just have to play with them,either you like it or not,you just have to man,you've got to live with your demons and your drugs and your booze and whatever makes you happy or sad.
You owe it to yourself.
This is for you my dear,i will always love you and remember you.
You're long gone but you're always remembered,deep in my heart and you know this man wrote the soundtrack of my life.
Thanks Bill,appreciate it man.Stay velvet hearted.
If things are about to end,then let me live to see the end.

Broadcast OST Resonancefm

Broadcast OST Resonancefm
One year without Trish..:(

Some Words From Adrian Younge-Interview

Adrian Younge is a producer,a musician and currently he believes that Wax Poetics(his record company)it's an entiny of it's own.He Loves psychedelic funk and pop and recently he released an amazing record.Here is an interview i did with him the other day.
1.Adrian Good evening,we would like to tell us some things about yourself,describe it in your own words.

I’m an artist that works hard for what I believe in.  I love music and feel as though it is the most powerful type of art.  I work hard to create this type of art; I study old music and utilize these compositions to enhance my musical perspectives. 

 2.How long you are in music business?
Since 2000 with the release of the original Venice Dawn CD, my first project. 
3.What do you believe about production,i can understand that you love the retro sound,tell me about that.
I’m a firm believer in doing things right.  I love old music and seek to recreate the aesthetics of that sound.  Therefore, I record on all analog equipment, pre 1975.  (go to youtube and search the following to learn about my recording: “Adrian Younge black dynamite documentary.”)
4.What are the purposes of wax poetics,tell us some things about that.
Wax Poetics is a musical journal/magazine.  They are also my record label.  I do not run or operate Wax Poetics: they are their own entity. 
5.What do you believe about good female voices?are there any hard to find?
Male or female voices are hard to find.  A good singer must be unique and have the ability to sing in tune.  Most singers don’t have these qualities.  My lead vocalist and good friend, Loren Oden, is one of the best singers I know.
6.Who is April that you have titled the Album?
April is not a person; it represents the month of April.  Something About April is a title that describes the changing of the seasons.  The spring month of April represents the woman’s warm feelings, growth, rebirth, etc. as applied to a relationship; the man represents winter (cold, unforgiving, etc.).  Listen to the title track (the last song entitled Something About April) and the words describe the story. 
7.The sound in the new album reminded me of early portishead,70's funk and sci fi sounds.you wanted to sound like that? and how did you achieved it,it's not a very easy thing as i know.
I have a strong affinity for early psych/cinematic music from the late 60s/early 70s.  Portishead also has this affinity; because we have similar musical inspirations (hip hop/early psych/soul), we share a lot of musical identity.  In addition, I am definitely influenced by their sound based on the fact that their music is timeless, and they sought to push the limits of sound.  I love Portishead!
8.Tell us some things about the production,how do you record the songs and how do you end up to sound so unique,we see a callaboration with shawn lee in the album,is he a good friend of yours?
Shawn is a good friend, he is very talented.  I strongly suggest your readers to check out his music, especially the album he recently released with AM.  Also, my music is produced in my studio, “Linear Labs.”  My studio is located in Los Angeles and is comprised of all analog outboard equipment.  I love old equipment because of the sound; also it looks sexy.
9.What's your opinion of modern music and what do you believe for the future of it?
I don’t listen to a lot of music; however, I’m the one missing out because there is a lot of good stuff out there.  I own a record shop, “The Artform Studio” (www.theartformstudio.com), and we focus on rare vinyl.  Therefore, I’m always finding old music that fulfills my desire to hear new music.  Generally, music was better recorded and composed in yesteryears; modernly, people record on computers that seek to emulate an organic sound.  I don’t like a lot of computer music; however, there are some engineers out there that really get it right.  That being said, I just stick to old stuff because it sounds good and the compositions are more stimulating for my personal interests. 
10.Name me some of your influences.
Ennio Morricone, Air, Portishead, Francis Lai, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, RZA, Bo Hansson, and many more. 
11.Are you recording any ost soon?black dynamite was incredible.
Currently working on the Black Dynamite Cartoon’s music.  The cartoon will debut on Cartoon Network July. 
12.Where do you want to reach out as an artist,do you wanna be famous or you want to make some amazing psychedelic soul music as you do?
I just want to make music.  I really don’t care whether people know me or not; however, I do want as many people as possible to enjoy my art.  That is the purpose of Art. 

If you want to buy his album, is out now on wax poetics,more details here:Something About April

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