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Made of Soul-An after Midnight interview with David Mc Donnell from the Sand Band

3 nights ago i had a chat with David Mc Donnell from the Sand Band on the facebook,i asked him if he would let me do an interview to him,he agreed right in,this is what we said....
1.David i see your fame as a band growing in the internet and many new fans coming in,where did they hear from you,how did they found you?
David:i guess people just join us when they discover us and like us...i think we have had a few blogs(yours included) who were onto us early on,i guess that's how it is these days..people find us in the end i hope and Myspace seem to be a first port of call for many
people so they then find you on here.
2.What about the rumors about noel gallagher and the sand band?
David:I don't know anything about it mate...but i can tell you that.
Noel is genius and doesn't need anyone to help him.
So some of the press cutting have been insane..
He called me up and came to a gig..That's where it's at..At the end of the day he is one of my heroes and i love all that he has done..he is as relevant now as he was when he started..not many people can carry that through..If i'm involved or not.That won't change.
I'm just as excited as anyone else to hear what he does next..
3.As a little kid what were your dreams?,did you ever imagine yourself in a band?..i know that liverpool has a great tradition in bringing out melodic and sometimes one of the greatest bands around.
David:As a kid i didn't speak much .. And i stayed in a lot ha ha ha. I guess i was hermit from day one. I used to just listen to my mums records . Free , Bob Marley .and of course The Beatles .. Then i got in into my own bands like U2 , Pink Floyd .. I liked big songs to escape into .. For dreamers ha ha. I couldn't play at this point. I didn't start playing properly till i was 18 i guess. I think somehow Paul Kossof's Guitar playing from free has influenced me .. he has a freedom that makes think you have heard it before ... he can stick a hook in the right place .. and go of into a lead in the right place .. and most of all he is delicate .. he knows when to let it move around him . Thats what i try to do. Im not a flashy player.. non of the band are .. We are a gang .. brothers .. trying get to same place musically .. We usually know when when we're there. Sometimes it's harder to find than others .. but thats the nature of anything creative . The addiction .. to get back there. If it's not from that place we just let it be.
4.The album is out now...how long did you waited for this,what's the feeling of putting out your first album?
David:I have waited 2 years since i made the demos .. I recorded them and gave them to friends and people really liked them .. More than i thought they would .. There are 2 unsung heroes here .. james from The Coral And Alan From Deltasonic . They both convinced em to release this collection of songs .. Even though i had gone into a studio a year later with Scott ( steel) and  Jay ( Drummer ) and recorded a completely different album called When We Kiss ( which will come out september 2011.. So i am glad we listened to them.. It feels right . Its a good Start. This first album was about trying to say 1 thing to one person. i hope She hears it. The next one is about hope and looking forward .. Not in the sense of forgetting about someone .. just dealing with where we arrive sometimes without ever heading in that direction,I have stayed Single because i love that person .. But i don't think that is enough.. So i was left in a space i didnt remember heading towards.. from Within that space I wrote another album .. On the other side of heartbreak .. Kind of full of hope..
Love is an amazing thing .. it can deliver things way after it's gone out of sight .. but that's just ity .. only out of sight .. Not out of your heart. it's everlasting if it's real.
5.What are your dreams about the band david and in music particular,what are your targets,your thoughts?
David:My dreams are happening .. Well some of them .. Being in a band .. Making music ..  But some are still dreams .. The best way .. A balance .. If you get everything what do you aim for ... I dunno .. There are some things i would like to happen .. but i am grateful for what is happening ,I just want to leave behind music that means something to people down the line.. music they can make their own .. And for it to do that that it has to be real .. to make people feel less alone is a tall order but that would be my personal hope for our music.
6.What does it take to write down a song,what is the process of you writing a song,do you feel like emptying your heart everytime you write them down one by one?
David:i can only speak for me here .. An idea .. There is a book called Ideas have legs .. It's true .. They can be a line or couple of words in morning and be nearing a story by the end of the day .. They spin round my head .. kind of all consuming .. They demand your attention ha ha,And some just arrived un anounced & fully foremd .. Like Secret Chord Or burn This House.
And truth .. No tricks,There .. Theres my bag of tricks ha ha ha.
7.Do you believe in people's souls in those who associated in music business and call themselves as artists,because personally i believe that if your heart and your soul are not true then and your music will never be,what about soul and balls,do you need them to stay real and true to yourself first?
David:i only know what i think is real
The music " Business " Doesn't interest me too much ..
There are good people out there
LIke Deltasonic , Co Op , Bella Union , Domino etc
But i don't interact too much with that side of things enough to be able to comment,Im all about the music.
8.I believe your music has a sense of your own heart and your thoughts and dreams,it's very personal and very emotional,if you would see someone cry or smile in your concert will you say to yourself(i kind of made it)?
David:Erm . Thats a strange question , but i now where your coming from .. If someone wants to cry .. They are feeling something .. And thats living.. If our music makes people feel something or allows them to go to a place inside that they already know .... Then thats a good thing.
People keep too much inside.
My stuff seems to pour out . Probably a bad thing if your my partner .. But for song writing purposes its an ok state to exist in.
The things i need or am trying to say are usually just under the surface,My worst or best quality,I don't know which.

I am just writing songs that i like and hope people will like .. They can take them and do what they want to them .. Or with them.
When your finished with any piece of art and you allow it to be seen or heard by others. It really isn't yours any more is it.
You got what you needed out of of it in it's conception / Creation.
Music breaks and heals different people at the same gig .. That's the beauty of it .. it's interactive and ever changing for the listener.
It's everything to me and others .. if you give it your all . it gives back.
Im lost in Music ha ha ha...
9.What do you wish for people to change in themselves?
David:Nothing. I can only change myself. People do what they want .. Thats a free world.
How it should be.....
These are the things we said later that night and they are all here,from my heart i want to thank David for being such a real,kind and gentle person and musician..
You can buy their album here or download and buy it right here.

As i had said and before this very good band just started taking their way and i believe they worth it,songs made of soul and heart are so rare these days,that's from me today ladies and gents..keep the faith.

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